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Title: Catchment Based RMNCAH Mentoring Participant manual
Authors: FMOH
Issue Date: Sep-2019
Publisher: FMOH
Description: Clinical mentoring is a critical component of a comprehensive iii-service training program, as it provides a bridge between didactic training and independent clinical practice- Clinical mentoring enables health care workers (HCW) to practice new skills in clinical settings with the support and guidance of a more specialized and experienced clinician Intensive, practical training is especially important in RMNCH training. As a result, this training is developed to complement the in-service training program but not a replacement nor a duplicate of it. The core competencies of this training are: 1. Visualize the role of Mentors in RMNCAH mentoring program 2. Building and managing the mentoring relationship 3. Effectively Teach mentees 4. Implement monitoring & evaluation of the mentoring process
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