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Title: Human Resources for Health Management
Authors: FMOH
Issue Date: Jun-2014
Publisher: FMOH
Description: This training is designed to bring the gaps in knowledge, skills and practices in HRHM that were identified through various assessments conducted by Ethiopia Strengthening Human Resources for Health (HRH) project. These include HRH Rapid Situation Assessment1, HRH baseline capacity assessment2, HR managers and staff skills inventories (conducted in the regions)3 and HRM Capacity Assessments4 at FMoH, FMHACA and 11 Regional Health Bureaus. These assessments showed that there were fewer than the needed number of HR managers and staff at all levels of health system, and they were lacking educational qualifications, experience and inservice training pertinent to HRH Management. Unlike many health programs, HRHM has no opportunities for in-service training and professional development. Findings from these assessments were in perfect agreement with the findings from a study5 conducted in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda by MSH in collaboration with African Medical Research Foundation (AMREF). The eight modules of HRHM in-service training framework was derived from this study.
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