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Authors: COTM, DEP.
Issue Date: 26-Aug-2020
Publisher: AUWC
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chapter 1.pptConstruction equipment and plant mgt5.93 MBMicrosoft PowerpointView/Open
Chapter 2.pptConstruction equipment and plant mgt7.63 MBMicrosoft PowerpointView/Open
Chapter 3...pptConstruction equipment and plant mgt1.51 MBMicrosoft PowerpointView/Open
Chapter 4....pptConstruction equipment and plant mgt1.15 MBMicrosoft PowerpointView/Open
equipment calculation.docConstruction equipment and plant mgt661 kBMicrosoft WordView/Open
supportive calculation.docxConstruction equipment and plant mgt65.09 kBMicrosoft Word XMLView/Open
supportive note and calculation.docxConstruction equipment and plant mgt25.12 kBMicrosoft Word XMLView/Open
chapter 1.pptxSpecification and quantity surveying274.27 kBMicrosoft Powerpoint XMLView/Open
chapter 2.pptxConstruction financial mgt262.16 kBMicrosoft Powerpoint XMLView/Open
chapter 3.pptxConstruction financial mgt474.86 kBMicrosoft Powerpoint XMLView/Open
chapter 4.pptxSpecification and quantity surveying189.01 kBMicrosoft Powerpoint XMLView/Open
chapter 5.pptConstruction financial mgt282.5 kBMicrosoft PowerpointView/Open
Chapter Two.pptxConstruction site supervision176.3 kBMicrosoft Powerpoint XMLView/Open
Chapter One.pptxConstruction site supervision109.84 kBMicrosoft Powerpoint XMLView/Open
Chapter-Five.pptxConstruction site supervision270.28 kBMicrosoft Powerpoint XMLView/Open
Chapter-Four.pptxConstruction site supervision311.27 kBMicrosoft Powerpoint XMLView/Open
Chapter-Six.pptxConstruction site supervision74.77 kBMicrosoft Powerpoint XMLView/Open
Chapter-Three.pptxConstruction site supervision284.25 kBMicrosoft Powerpoint XMLView/Open
4_6003704340903102029.pdfCost engineering3.67 MBAdobe PDFView/Open
Cost Break Down analysis from MoUDC.xlsCost engineering945 kBMicrosoft ExcelView/Open
cost eng course outline.docxCost engineering17.75 kBMicrosoft Word XMLView/Open
cost engineering ppt.pptxCost engineering2.65 MBMicrosoft Powerpoint XMLView/Open
cost norm.xlsCost engineering241 kBMicrosoft ExcelView/Open
U.Rate analysis sheet (2).xlsCost engineering742 kBMicrosoft ExcelView/Open
Highway.zip7.02 MBUnknownView/Open
CHAPTER 1 Introduction ppt.pdfHighway engineering469.51 kBAdobe PDFView/Open
CHAPTER 2 Planning.pdfHighway engineering977.49 kBAdobe PDFView/Open
CHAPTER 3 Route survey and location.pdfHighway engineering555.74 kBAdobe PDFView/Open
CHAPTER 4 Geometric Design of Highways.pdfHighway engineering2.89 MBAdobe PDFView/Open
CHAPTER 5 Earth work quantity and mass haul diagram..pdfHighway engineering1.37 MBAdobe PDFView/Open
Chapter 6 Drainage and Drainage structure.pdfHighway engineering873.58 kBAdobe PDFView/Open
Highway Engineering COTM 4th Course outline pdf.pdfHighway engineering105.3 kBAdobe PDFView/Open
ch1.pdfSewage disposal and treatment24.5 MBAdobe PDFView/Open
ch2.pdfSewage disposal and treatment34.41 MBAdobe PDFView/Open
ch3.pdfSewage disposal and treatment26.41 MBAdobe PDFView/Open
ch4.pdfSewage disposal and treatment12.78 MBAdobe PDFView/Open
ch5.pdfSewage disposal and treatment2.34 MBAdobe PDFView/Open
ch6.pdfSewage disposal and treatment992.8 kBAdobe PDFView/Open
ch7.pdfSewage disposal and treatment2.11 MBAdobe PDFView/Open
course outline.pdfSewage disposal and treatment21.13 kBAdobe PDFView/Open
Ref book.pdfSewage disposal and treatment5.12 MBAdobe PDFView/Open
chapter 1.pptxSpecification and quantity surveying119.17 kBMicrosoft Powerpoint XMLView/Open
chapter 2 & 3.pptxSpecification and quantity surveying2.17 MBMicrosoft Powerpoint XMLView/Open
chapter 4.pptxSpecification and quantity surveying131.23 kBMicrosoft Powerpoint XMLView/Open
Course outline.docSpecification and quantity surveying37 kBMicrosoft WordView/Open

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