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Other Titles: Facilitator Guide
Authors: FMOH
Keywords: gender, health sector
Issue Date: Dec-2013
Description: The facilitators’ guide of the gender training manual for the health sector is a comprehensive guide to conduct a six day course. This guide consists of seven modules and different sessions. Each module contains module descriptions, session learning objectives, session duration, icebreakers, exercises, note for the facilitators, and attachments/handouts. The guide also includes two sections. The first is parts on creating an atmosphere conducive for learning and the second is on action planning, course evaluation, and summary.In addition to this, each module has a module evaluation sheet. The guide builds on various tools and methodologies taken from organizations that mainstream gender into overall programs in the health sector. It takes into consideration sensitivities and challenges that training on gender poses. Both men and women who participate in gender training may not be aware of the values and norms they have been socialized. The training provides an opportunity to assess these. The success of any gender training is whether individuals challenge the status quo as society believes it and as they practice it in their daily lives. Addressing gender is challenging and requires support at all levels. To ensure that the gender training is not abstract and complicated, it utilizes theoretical models for the practical understanding and application based on the participants experience as practitioners and direct actors as one or the other gender.
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