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Title: Immunization in Practice Training Manual
Other Titles: Immunization in Practice Participant Training Manual
Authors: FMOH
Keywords: immunization
Issue Date: Jul-2015
Publisher: FMOH
Description: This is a course consisting of seven modules. Module 1 deals with target diseases for immunization program and the vaccines used to prevent them. Where combination vaccines are recommended, their details are presented in summary tables within the relevant sections. Module 2, deals with the cold chain system used for storing & distributing vaccines in good condition. Module 3 incorporates interpersonal communication skills for health workers and the general overview of building political commitment and community support for EPI. Module 4, micro-planning, discusses the process of micro planning to ensure immunization services reach every community. It starts with social maps at primary health care unit catchment area, which should be updated to include all population segments and groups in the catchment area and to flag high-risk areas. Module 5, Insuring immunization safety, discusses practices that health workers should follow to ensure that they deliver immunization injections in the safest manner. Module 6, Managing immunization session, describes the tasks a health worker needs to perform to ensure the quality of an immunization session. It starts with the preparation required at the health facility and the immunization site before the infants arrive. Module 7, Monitoring and surveillance, explains how to collect and report data for monitoring of immunization services and surveillance of vaccine-preventable diseases and adverse events following immunization (AEFI). Tally sheets, registration books, immunization card, monitoring chart, reporting form, vaccine stock balance sheet utilization is dealt in detail.
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