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dc.descriptionThe book describes organic and physical chemistry of polymers. This includes the physical properties of polymers, their syntheses, and subsequent use as plastics, elastomers, reagents, and functional materials. The syntheses are characterized according to the chemical mechanism of their reactions, their kinetics, and their scope and utility. Whenever possible, descriptions of industrial- scale preparations are included. Emphasis is placed on reaction parameters both in the preparation of the polymeric materials and in their utilization as reagents. Also, when possible, industrial or trade names of the polymeric materials are included to familiarize the students. This book also describes chemical modifications of polymers. A separate chapter is dedicated to utilization of polymers as reagents, supports for catalyst or for drug release, as electricity conductors, and in photonic materials.en
dc.publisherSpringer Science+Business Mediaen_US
dc.titlePrinciples of Polymer Chemistryen_US
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