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dc.descriptionVeterinary Histology is a branch of anatomy concerned with the visual examination of cells, intercellular structures as well as their organization in tissues and organs, by means of the microscope and by using appropriate preparations thin enough to transmit light or electrons. Studying the normal microscopic structure of the animal body is the basis for understanding abnormal microscopic lesions(histopathology), body functions, immunology, clinical Patholgy and several other disciplines in veterinary medicine. Veterinary Histology I deal with the tech niques of studying cells and tissues, cell biology and the four basic tissues of the body (epithelium, connective tissue, muscle and nervous tissue).en_US
dc.publisherUniversity of Gondar College of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences Unit of biomedical scienceen_US
dc.publisherUniversity of Gondar-
dc.subjectVeterinary Anatomy and Embryologyen_US
dc.titleA Course Guide for Veterinary Histology Ien_US
dc.title.alternativeVeterinary Anatomy and Embryologyen_US
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