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Title: Spin–Orbit Coupling Effects in Two-Dimensional Electron and Hole Systems
Authors: Roland Winkler
G. Höhler, Karlsruhe
Th. Müller, Karlsruhe
A. Ruckenstein, New Jersey
F. Steiner, Ulm
J. Trümper, Garching
P. Wölfle, Karlsruhe
Keywords: Spin–Orbit Coupling Effects in Two-Dimensional Electron and Hole Systems
Issue Date: 2003
Publisher: Springer
Description: Spin–orbit coupling makes the spin degree of freedom respond to its orbital environment. In solids this yields such fascinating phenomena as a spin split- ting of electron states in inversion-asymmetric systems even at zero magnetic field and a Zeeman splitting that is significantly enhanced in magnitude over the Zeeman splitting of free electrons. In this book, we review spin–orbit coupling effects in quasi-two-dimensional electron and hole systems. These tailor-made systems are particularly suited to investigating these questions because an appropriate design allows one to manipulate the orbital motion of the electrons such that spin–orbit coupling becomes a “control knob” with which one can steer the spin degree of freedom
ISBN: 3-540-01187-0
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