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Title: The Chemistry of Thermal Food Processing Procedures
Authors: Micali, Maria
Fiorino, Marco
Parisi, Salvatore
Keywords: Food Processing Procedures
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Springer International Publishing AG Switzerland
Description: This chapter discusses briefly the connections between food degradation and correlated hygiene concerns on the one hand (reasons for food preservation), and available systems for the production of safe and legal food products on the other side (possible solutions). The reliable application of one or more of existing preservation and processing technologies—methods based on high or low temperatures; drying, salting, sugar addition and irradiation systems; the use of modified atmospheres; etc.—and the concomitant use of effective chemical additives may be helpful. However, the ‘technological treatment/chemical preservation’ two-binaries combination does not seem successful at present. Consequently, innovative technologies are also needed: these methods should be able to ensure the safety offood products and slow down degradation processes in foods and beverages, while preserving sensorial and nutritional properties.
ISBN: 978-3-319-42461-3
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