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Title: Research in the Social ScientiC Study of Religion
Authors: L. Piedmont, Ralph
Ralph L. Piedmont
Keywords: Religion
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: Koninklijke Brill NV
Description: This volume re ects a change in the publication process for RSSSR. Historically, RSSSR has been published at the end of the calendar year. In this way, the volume would provide a useful overview of the salient issues and trends noted in the research literature across a number of elds. Over the years, however, RSSSR began to search out and publish more cutting edge research. Instead of being simply a review of work, it began to capture more of the latest trends in the eld. As such, it seemed awkward to keep the volume emerging in the later half of the year; an earlier publication date appears warranted. As such, the decision was reached to put the series on a new publication schedule. Although this put some necessary stressors on the editorial staff, such as having to get two volumes out almost “back to back”, making this shift certainly will enhance the value of RSSSR to its readers. All the technical issues aside, what is interesting to note is the larger amount of research activity that is taking place in the eld creates little dif - culty in obtaining high quality studies. This volume continues RSSSR’s tradition of presenting diverse, integrative research on the cutting edge of the eld.
ISBN: 978 90 04 15851 1
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