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Title: Women, Feminism, and Femininity in the 21st Century
Authors: Béatrice Mousli and Eve-Alice Roustang-Stoller
Keywords: Feminism—United States—Congresses.
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: British Library.
Description: he essays in this book are the result of a series of lectures held at the Francophone Research and Resource Center at the University of Southern California (USC) in the spring of 2006. The short story is that these lectures happened because we are French women living, working, and raising children in the United States. The longer story would take us to the benches of the USC campus and its coffee shops where we had never-ending conversations about being French in the United States, being a French employee in an American workplace (and, more specifically, a French professor at an American campus), a French wife to an American husband, and a French mother to American children. As working mothers in the United States, the issues that concern us are by definition those of an American context. Since we moved from France to the United States, our relationship with France has become more theoretical: we don’t live there and we make up for it by reading and hearing about it from friends and family. While losing some of our “Frenchness” to become more and more American, it has become a habit for us, anytime we are confronted with a new or perplexing situation, to compare our native country to our adoptive one and to reflect: “So this is how it is for women here, but back there, women do that.” To say that we are constantly, consciously and unconsciously, comparing, evaluating policies and cultural traits is to say the least.
ISBN: 978-1-349-37782-4
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