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Title: Delinquent Girls
Other Titles: Contexts, Relationships and Adaptation
Authors: Shari Miller Leslie D. Leve Patricia K. Kerig
Keywords: Delinquent Girl
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Springer Science Business Media, LLC
Description: Girls who break rules, defy authority, and get in trouble with the law terrify, frustrate, and confuse the adults in their lives: parents, teachers, and helping professionals they may encounter. These girls fl agrantly violate our deeply held stereotypes of girls as sweetness and light, and even feminists fi ght the tendency to be simultane- ously repulsed and fascinated by girls involved with the legal system. Court-involved girls not only break rules, but also engage in high rates of manipulative, rejecting behaviors that vex and drive away even the most caring adults who might try to help them. Adrienne Rich’s poem “Final Notations” is considered by many to be a medita- tion on mothering, but it also captures well the way we cannot help but feel about court-involved girls. These demanding girls take “parts of us into places never planned,” and helping them takes massive determination.
ISBN: 978-1-4614-0415-6
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