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Title: Palaeolimnological Proxies as Tools of Environmental Reconstruction in Fresh Water
Authors: Eniko Katalin Magyari, Peter Bitus ˇı ´k, Agnieszka Wacnik
Krisztina Buczko , Ja ´nos Korponai, Judit Padisak & Scott W. Starratt
Keywords: Fresh Water
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Springer
Description: A multi-proxy investigation (loss-on-igni- tion, major and trace elements, pollen, plant macro- fossil and siliceous algae) was carried out on the sedimentof acrater lake (Lake Saint Ana,950 ma.s.l.) fromtheEasternCarpathianMountains.Diatom-based transfer functions were applied to estimate the lake’s trophic status and pH, while reconstruction of the water-depth changes was based on the plant macro- fossil and diatom records.
ISBN: 978-90-481-3387-1
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