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Title: Medical Foods from Natural Sources
Authors: Meera Kaur
Susan Safren, David Parsons, Jeffrey Taub, Springer
Keywords: Medical Foods
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Springer
Description: this book is the development of the medical (enteral) foods from natural sources. Because of the prevalent drug-like approach to the formula- tion of medical foods, most of the enteral foods marketed currently are a blend of defined or chemically defined food ingredients. These ingredients lack the natural stimulants and protectants present in normal foods. Further, they are unpalatable and often artificially flavored and excessively sweetened to mask the chemical taste of the ingredients. Furthermore, the defined ingredients-based enteral foods are too expensive for low-income-group patients. To overcome the aforementioned drawbacks associated with defined ingredi- ents-based enteral foods, this book describes the development of cost-effective enteral foods from natural sources such as barley, rice, mung bean, eggs, milk, etc. True, the preparation of nutrient-dense liquid foods from the natural food ingredi- ents that can flow easily through feeding tube can be a difficult task for the scien- tists. To overcome this difficulty, this book suggests the use of malted cereals and grain legumes as bases for the preparation of enteral foods. This is where this book offers a unique contribution to the food-like approach to develop medical foods, which is an alternative to conventional drug-like approach.
ISBN: 978-0-387-79378-8
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