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Title: P1:KNP9780521884266preCUFX178/Paust978 0 521 88426 6July27,200711:45BEYOND THE LAWThe Bush Administration’s UnlawfulResponses in the “War” on Terror
Keywords: The Bush Administration’s UnlawfulResponses in the “War” on Terror
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Description: This book provides detailed exposition of violations of international law authorized and abetted by secret memos, authorizations, and orders of the Bush administration – in particular, why several Executive claims were in error, what illegal authorizations were given, what illegal interrogation tactics were approved, and what illegal transfers and secret detentions occurred. It also provides the most thorough documentation of cases demonstrating that the President is bound by the laws of war; that decisions to detain persons, decide their status, and mistreat them are subject to judicial review during the war; and that the commander in chief power is subject to restraints by Congress
ISBN: 13978-0-511-35477-9
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