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Title: Delivering the Goods
Authors: Rogers, Adam
Keywords: Local Development
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: UNCDF
Description: This Practitioner’s Guide has been long in the making – longer even than the 22 month gestation period enjoyed by elephants. But I believe that it has been worth it. It is an important publication for several reasons. Firstly, and more parochially, UNCDF is an organization which has always prided itself on its internal learning and policy-development processes. We therefore attach a great deal of importance to this kind of attempt to capture and “codify” the various sorts of lessons which are emerging from our growing portfolio of Local Development Programmes – which are now active in some 25 Least Developed Countries. In doing so it also provides a common language or framework (a set of organizing “boxes”) which can be used to continually update and further enrich the lesson-learning process in the future. Secondly, however, I believe that this Guide should be of wider interest and applica- tion – both within UNDP and in the wider circle of development practitioners. The re- cent Millennium Report to the UN Secretary General highlighted the urgent need for “scaleable models” to ensure that basic infrastructure and service delivery is expanded sufficiently to meet the 2015 targets. The guidelines and lessons highlighted in this Guide provide the elements for developing such models:
ISBN: 92-1-126172-4
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