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Title: Gender and Sexuality in Muslim Cultures
Authors: Ozyegin, Gul
Keywords: Sex role—Islamic countries
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Routledge
Description: This volume brings together international scholars from different disciplines (sociology, anthropology, history, social geography, and feminist literary criticism), not only to explore Muslim identities through the lens of gender and sexuality—their historical and contemporary transformations and local and global articulations—but also to interrogate our understanding of what constitutes a “Muslim” identity in selected Muslim-majority countries in this pivotal historical moment, characterized by transformative destabilizations in which national, ethnic, and religious boundaries are being re-imagined and remade. Foundational writings on the Middle East and gender have largely come from theorists who sought to offer an analytical vocabulary and theoretical framework through defining what is intrinsic to Islam in organizing gender and sexuality.
ISBN: 978-1-3155-8394-5
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