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Title: Gender and Parenthood
Other Titles: Biological and Social Scientific Perspectives
Authors: Wilcox, W. Bradford
Kovner Kline, Kathleen
Keywords: Biological and Social Scientific Perspectives
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Columbia University
Description: “Babies change everything.” It is a refrain often heard by anyone contemplating becoming a parent. From sleep disruption to loss of free time, from financial worries to discipline conundrums, couples are frequently warned that after a baby life will never be the same again. Yet despite how much parenthood can feel like a leap into the unknown, millions of us continue to make that leap, every year. Some of us long for a warm bundle to hold against our chests, a smiling gaze to rivet us, a silly toddler to chase and buy toys for and make a fuss over at the holidays. Others imagine someone to throw a ball with, to tussle with on the floor, to teach life lessons, or pass on a bit of our legacy into the future. We know, all too well, what an impact we parents will have on our children. But what is less well known is how our children will change us, as mothers and fathers—even at the biological level.
ISBN: 978-0-231-53097-2
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