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Title: Gender and Conversion Narratives in the Nineteenth Century
Authors: Rüther, Kirsten
Schaser, Angelika
Jacqueline Van Gent
Keywords: Missions – Germany – History – 19th century
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Ashgate
Description: Religious conversion occurred and continues to occur all over the world, changing the ways in which people live and interact with one another and changing the religions themselves. Conversions often had far-reaching social and especially gender-specific consequences, or reflected changes that had already taken place. Individual persons, couples, families and/or groups set themselves apart by converting, and hoped that it would help them to integrate into existing, newly emerging or changing communities – and all of this at times when major changes were in the air, frequently as yet intangible to those who experienced them – ‘at home and abroad’ in a mid-nineteenth-century ‘world in motion’.
ISBN: 9781472449245
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