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Title: Gender Across Languages
Authors: Hellinger, Marlis
Motschenbacher, Heiko
Ana Deumert
Keywords: Grammar, Comparative and general--Gender
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: John Benjamins B.V.
Description: The collection includes a broad spectrum of languages, i.e. it contains languages without nominal classification, grammatical gender languages, and a classifier language, larger national languages as well as smaller languages with minority status; also, members of diverse language families are represented: Indo-European as well as Finno-Ugrian, Iroquois, Tai-Kadai and Niger-Congo. Of course, no claim can be made that all language families are covered adequately in this volume, nor in the previous volumes for that matter. Critics will easily identify languages whose gendered structures would also present extremely rich and interesting data requiring analysis. This would be especially true for the immense number of African, Asian and Austronesian languages about whose gendered structures we know very little. Thus, there remains an urgent need for future investigations into gendered linguistic structures.
ISBN: 978 90 272 1878 0
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