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Title: Bridges Between Tradition and Innovation in Ethnomedicine
Authors: Mr. Darshan Shankar, Mr. G. Hariramamurthy, Mr. Kareem Abdul, Mr. John Britto, Mr. G. Raju, Mr. Rajapandy, Mrs Bagya, Mr. Mahesh Murthy, Mr Himanshu, Mr Suresh and Mr Pradeeb
Maria Costanza Torri, Thora Martina Herrmann
Keywords: Innovation in Ethnomedicine
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Springer
Description: Numerous projects have been implemented with the aim of promoting the development of local enterprises as a means to improve the conditions of rural communities. Their failure points to the difficulty of adapting the concept of “entrepreneurship” to different cultural settings and to the diversity of community needs. Whereas the community is typically treated in the literature as an exogenous part of the environment for entrepreneurship, an emerging point of view is to treat the entrepreneur and the enterprise as embedded in a network of relationships, usu- ally local. The objective of this chapter is to ponder about the conditions which enable community entrepreneurial activities to alleviate poverty and promote local development. The chapter introduces the case study of Gram Mooligai Limited (GMCL), a community-based enterprise in India active in the herbal sector which delivered interesting results in this respect. This case study highlight the importance of seeing entrepreneurial activity and enterprise development programmes in a much more holist way that they are conventionally understood.
ISBN: 978-94-007-1113-6
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