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Title: Outgrowing the Earth
Authors: Lester R. Brown
Linda Starke
Keywords: Food Security
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: Earthscan
Description: On hearing his political opponent described as a modest chap, Winston Churchill reputedly responded that “he has much to be modest about.” Having just com- pleted a book dealing with the increasingly complex issue of world food security, I too feel that I have a lot to be modest about. Assessing the world food prospect was once rather straightforward, largely a matter of extrapolating, with minor adjustments, historically recent agricultural sup- ply and demand trends. Now suddenly that is all chang- ing. It is no longer just a matter of trends slowing or accelerating; in some cases they are reversing direction. Grain harvests that were once rising everywhere are now falling in some countries. Fish catches that were once rising are now falling. Irrigated area, once expand- ing almost everywhere, is now shrinking in some key food-producing regions.
ISBN: 1-84407-185-5
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