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Title: Partnership, Collaborative Planning and Urban Regeneration
Authors: Mccarthy, John
Professor Peter Roberts and Professor Graham Haughton
Keywords: Urban renewal Scotland Dundee
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: Ashgate
Description: This book addresses the nature and complexity of urban regeneration policy and practice by means of a specific case study of the experience of regeneration in Dundee in Scotland. This introductory chapter sets out the broad frame of reference of the book by introducing the main cross-cutting themes and issues. First, aspects of urban decline are put within a global context and important themes are highlighted. Second, the institutionalist approach, which informs the development of ideas in the book, is set out. Third, important issues of policy transfer and learning are introduced, given the prevalence of such learning and transfer for urban regeneration policy between different contexts, particularly between the UK and Europe, as well as between the UK and the USA. Finally, the structure of the book as a whole is set out by means of a summary of the content of each chapter.
ISBN: 978-0-7546-1375-6
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