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Title: Demography: Analysis and Synthesis
Authors: Caselli, Graziella
Daniel Courgeau, Nico Keilman, Eva Lelièvre, James Vaupel, Anatoli Yashin, and John Wilmoth
Keywords: Demography
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: Elsevier
Description: Six hundred million Chinese in 1950, and double that today. Eight hundred million Africans on the eve of the third millennium, and probably three times that in 40 years. Humankind under threat from a third world population explosion. Industrial societies enfee- bled by depopulation and the opposing risk of a popula- tion implosion. Pension systems hard-pressed by aging populations. Northern societies living in entrenched fear of invasions from the east or south, be it history’s yellow peril or the more recent open floodgates from across the Mediterranean or Rio Grande, turning a convenient blind eye to their own ancestral past as invaders, with their most overwhelming wave (toward North America) being a matter of recent history. For the past 50 years, population issues have dogged our contemporaries and they remain as live an issue as ever.
ISBN: 0-12-765660-X
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