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Title: Settlement, Market and Food Security
Authors: Adams, Vanessa
Thomas Allen Philipp Heinrigs Léonidas Hitimana Marie Trémolières
Keywords: Settlement
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: OECD
Description: Looking at the world from a different view- point is always helpful. Not because that viewpoint might reveal a hitherto unknown reality or hidden truths, but because it can provide both points of contention and inspi- ration from which policies should be drawn. The Members of the Sahel and West Africa Club have given their Secretariat the task of facilitating this type of thinking on the basis of factual and independent analysis. In 2010, they requested that a regional study be conducted which would be both retrospective and prospective and which would focus on two determinants of food security: settlement and the regional market. The work presented here is the result of the lengthy assimilation of a very extensive body of research, combined with in-depth discussions and debates within an ad hoc working group. On certain points, it is also the result of original research
ISBN: 978-92-64-18743-6
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