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Title: Urban Recycling and the Search for Sustainable Community Development
Authors: Adam S. Weinberg, David N. Pellow, and Allan Schnaiberg
Keywords: Community Development
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: Princeton University Press
Description: Central to our reconstruction of the history of U.S. urban recycling pro- grams has been the relationship between local political structures and larger economic market structures. We examined how this was played out in the creation and destruction of local recycling programs in the Chicago area. We noted two shifts in the history of recycling. First, there was a shift away from focusing on the use-value of waste toward treating it as a commodity to be mined from the urban ore. Second, there was also a shift away from waste retrieval as an activity engaged in by marginalized social groups toward its control by large firms, many of whom now operate in global markets. Ironically, such firms now employ marginalized social groups as employees.
ISBN: 0-691-05014-7
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