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Title: The Application of Biotechnology to Industrial Sustainability
Authors: Griffiths, Mike
Dr. Anders Gram (Novozymes A/S, Denmark); Dr. Wiltrud Treffenfeldt (Dow, Germany); Dr. Ulf Lange (BMBF, Germany); Dr. Terry McIntyre (Environment Canada, Canada); Mr. Oliver Wolf (European Commission/JRC/IPTS, Spain). OECD support was provided by Dr. Salomon Wald (Head of Biotechnology Unit) and Dr. Yoshiyasu Yabusaki of the OECD Directorate for Science
Keywords: Industrial Sustainability
Issue Date: 2001
Publisher: OECD
Description: The present study seeks to answer these questions on the basis of the experience of a number of companies that analysed the potential of biotechnology and decided to adopt or reject a biotechnology process. It is based on a collection of 21 case studies, which are presented in a broadly similar format so that readers can easily compare one application with another. All the available cases have been taken into account, though not all reflect successful application of a new technology. Two major types of biotechnology applications are covered, the use of renewable resources (“biomass”) and the use of biosystems (biocatalysts, enzymes) in industrial processes. A very wide range of industrial sectors is represented: pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, bulk chemicals, food and feed, textiles, pulp and paper, minerals and energy. The range of countries is also wide: Austria, Canada, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the United States and South Africa.
ISBN: 92-64-19546-7
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