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Title: Gender, Social Change and Spiritual Power
Authors: Jane E. Soothill
Paul Gifford, Ingrid Lawrie
Keywords: Sex role Ghana Accra
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: Leiden Boston
Description: The book also considers charismatic discourses on men, marriage and family life. Constructions of family life in the new churches cor- respond with a broader cultural shift towards the individuated nuclear family system. This is illustrated, in particular, by the churches’ focus on the importance of romance, intimacy and conjugal love. The gender discourses of the charismatic churches are also “spiritualised”, and the book considers, therefore, the role of spiritual power in interpreting gendered social change. It is argued that the religious practices of the new churches provide believers with access to spiritual power, which sometimes they use to mediate their gendered relationships. The book concludes that charismatic Christianity represents an instance of “hybridity” in which local and global gender discourses intersect. As a global phenomenon, charismatic Christianity is a source of counter-cultural critique. Its spiritualised discourses, however, remain - rmly rooted in Africa’s religious imagination.
ISBN: 978-90-04-15789-7
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