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Title: Gender and Entrepreneurship
Authors: Attila Bruni, Silvia Gherardi and Barbara Poggio, Nancy Harding
Keywords: An ethnographic approach
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: Routledge
Description: This book considers the social practice of co-producing gender and entre- preneurship to be a material and a semantic space in which meaningful collective actions are carried out and contextually organized around a shared practical understanding. The field of entwined practices is the domain in which to study the nature and transformation of the activities called gender and entrepreneurship, as collective accomplishments sustained through interactions and mutual adjustments among the people involved in them. As well as being an economic phenomenon, entrepreneurship can also be read as a cultural one. Entrepreneurial action is an archetype of social action, and as the institutionalization of values and symbols it can be related to gender for a cross-reading of how gender and entrepreneurship are culturally produced and reproduced in social practices. Doing business is a social practice, and so too is ‘doing gender’, but the latter is less evident than the former because common sense attributes gender to the corporeality of persons and therefore to their being rather than their doing and saying. Yet when men and women set up as entrepreneurs they do not separate the two practices; instead, they reproduce the normative meaning of what it is to be a male or female entrepreneur in a single cultural model framed by a cultural as well as an economic context.
ISBN: 0-203-69889-4
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