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Title: Women, Ideology, and Violence
Authors: Cheryl B. Anderson
David J.A. Clines, Philip R. Davies and David M. Gunn Andrew Mein
Keywords: Ideology
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: T&T Clark International
Description: The treatment of women in the Book of the Covenant (BC) and the Deuteronomic Law (DL) is the subject of this study.1 Generally, the BC (Exod. 20.23-23.19) is traced conventionally to the premonarchic period (1200-1000 BCE) because it contains no references to a king.2 The DL, however, has been associated with the law found in the Jerusalem temple (2 Kgs 22-23) during the reign of King Josiah (640-609 BCE). The DL has been described as 'a rather direct descendant of the Book of the Covenant' because many of its provisions are 'restatements' of those found in the BC.3 Indeed, seven of the laws on women in the BC are also found in the DL (Deut. 12-26), although with modifications.4
ISBN: 0-8264-6767-9
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