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Title: Development in an Insecure and Gendered World
Authors: Jacqueline Leckie
Keywords: Women in development Developing countries
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Ashgate
Description: the volume by inviting readers to share an interrogation of the ‘madness of development’. She begins by mapping the contours of the book’s emergent critiques about overly restrictive notions of human security and global development. The exercise in critical assessment is rendered all the more urgent by such catastrophic environmental and social disasters as the 2004 tsunami which cut a swath of destruction through South and Southeast Asia. This is the context on the minds of some contributors to the volume who gathered at the Otago Foreign Policy School in New Zealand a little over one year later, to begin the initial conversations that led to the production of this book. As Leckie explains, the debates explored in various chapters expose how mainstream approaches to human security seem unable or unwilling to accommodate gendered violence, arguing instead for broadening policies and practices without losing sight of other forms of inequality. Global development agendas are seen as similarly restrictive. Hence contributions broach important critiques about gender mainstreaming and other now taken–for–granted approaches to human development, empowerment being one particularly important example. But the debate here over the contemporary relevance of development agendas and approaches also presents an array of voices (theorists, activists, and policy makers, all with innovative ideas to share) and a range of cases from around the world. We highly recommend Development in an Insecure and Gendered World to a wide readership interested in understanding how to engage with contemporary approaches to development in these times of heightened global economic distress, when development spending and the circumstances of aid recipients have all but disappeared from view
ISBN: 978-0-7546-7691-1
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