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Title: Working Out: New Directions for Women’s Studies
Authors: Hilary Hinds, Ann Phoenix and Jackie Stacey
Keywords: Women’s Studies
Issue Date: 1992
Publisher: The Falmer Press
Description: Women’s Studies is a burgeoning field of academic study in many Western societies. In Britain, for example, the Women’s Studies Network (UK) list includes details of Women’s Studies courses1 taught at over fifty institutions, requiring constant additions to keep it up to date. Such rapid growth is indicative of the popularity of Women’s Studies and its appeal to new groups of students. Yet it is precisely because Women’s Studies is flourishing that it is important not simply to accept it as a 1990s success story, but to take stock of where it has been and where it is going. This is particularly the case since Women’s Studies is generally considered to be too ‘soft’ to be of high status in many colleges, polytechnics and universities. As part of the increasing emphasis on ‘efficiency’ and ‘value added’, it is not only student numbers, but also publications and attracting large research grants, that score highly in educational institutions. As a result, Women’s Studies is vulnerable to cut-backs and marginalization when compared, for example, with some science subjects.
ISBN: 0-203-26772-9
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