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Title: The Life Region
Authors: Per Råberg
Per Råberg
Keywords: Sustainable development
Issue Date: 1997
Publisher: Routledge
Description: This book is a contribution to this new and more wide-ranging debate concerning strategies for a sustainable global future. The book is the result of a regional R&D project which has been conducted by the University Group for Humanist Futurology at Umeå in Sweden. The book presents—in the form of a model—a proposal for a socially and ecologically viable society. The model sketch is presented under the title the ecological life-region. It is distinct from the current geopolitical concepts by virtue of the aspirations vested in the provincial regions as the fertile soil for a progressive development. Further, it is based on an epistemology which inludes humanitarian and existential needs within the scientific study—we describe this as a socio-ecological approach. It is our sincere hope that the socio-ecological prototypes will be able to serve as an inspiration for a radicalized social policy discussion in municipalities and regions in many parts of the world community.
ISBN: 0-203-97469-7
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