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Title: Sustainable Development
Authors: Moe, Thorvald
Keywords: Critical Issues
Issue Date: 2001
Publisher: OECD
Description: In November 1997 the High-Level Advisory Group on the Environment to the OECD Secretary-General noted that “the OECD’s comparative advantage in the field of the environment and sustainable development is its unique ability, through systematic analysis, comparisons, and peer review, to develop a shared framework of strategic policy… no other global or regional institution has the capacity to build the crosscutting teams of policy makers necessary for the successful integration of economic, environmental, and social policy that is the basis of sustainable development”.1 The High-Level Advisory Group stressed “a need for a much stronger corporate understanding and acceptance of the need to reorient work across the Organisation in ways that underpin the policy foundations of sustainability”. This recommendation was endorsed by OECD Ministers in 1998, when they asked the Organisation to carry out a three-year project on sustainable development, and to report back to them in 2001.
ISBN: 92-64-18695-6
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