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Title: Fundamental Forces of Nature
Authors: Huang, Kerson
Keywords: Nature
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: World Scientific
Description: In this book I want to tell the story of gauge fields, the messengers that transmit signals among elementary particles, enabling them to interact. They work in the quantum realm of quarks, the deepest level of the structure of matter we have reached so far. The basic interaction at this level percolates upwards, through hierarchies of organizations, to the everyday world we live in. On its way, the interaction appears in different guises — nuclear interaction, atomic interaction, and the classical electromagnetic interaction that rules our everyday world. But these are facets of the same basic interaction. The idea of “gauge” first appeared in electromagnetism. At the level we speak of, however, it is inextricably tied with the “quantum phase”, that abstract attribute that distinguishes the microscopic world from the macroscopic, and that, incidentally, empowers new technologies of the 21st century, such as atom lasers and quantum computing.
ISBN: 978-981-270-644-7
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