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Title: Marriage and Slavery in Early Islam
Authors: Ali, Kecia
Sharmila Sen
Keywords: Marriage
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Description: WHILE writing this book, I have had numerous opportunities to explain its subject. One of my less successful attempts occurred several years ago, when an Algerian acquaintance enquired politely about my progress, adding, “Remind me what it’s about.” I answered that I was writing about marriage, divorce, and the reciprocal but gender- differentiated obligations of husbands and wives in ninth- century Islamic jurisprudence. I was focusing, I added, on three major issues: fi rst, diversity of opinion in early legal thought; second, the infl uence of hierarchical social structures, including slave own ership, on the jurists’ visions of marriage; and third, the vital role of polemical exchange in the refi nement of legal doctrine. As I fi nished this summary, we were joined by a colleague of his, another North African Muslim. “Guess what?” said the fi rst man enthusiastically, drawing the new arrival into the conversation. “She’s writing a book on women’s rights in Islam.”
ISBN: 978- 0- 674- 05059- 4
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