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Title: Sustainable Development at Risk
Authors: Hulse, Joseph H.
Keywords: Risk
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Description: This book is about (i) ‘sustainable development’, a popular term often used to imply ethical, conservative and prudent utilisation of all resources and a compassionate disposition to all humanity and biodiversity; and (ii) individual and organisational failure to learn from past experience. The words ‘sustainable’ and ‘development’ are discussed from an etymological and semasiological perspective since they are so often written about with no precise definition of what is meant or intended. Consequently the literature is replete with conflicting and confused concepts of what constitutes sustainable development. Comprehension of sustainable development demands first a systematic assessment and analysis of the many factors, influences and resources that impinge upon and interact in various and diverse developmental circumstances. There is no simple, single path to, or formula for, sustainable development. Each development must be considered in light of the prevailing social, economic, physical and, sometimes, political environment.
ISBN: 978-81-7596-521-8
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