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Title: Minority Rights Protection in International Law
Authors: O’nions, Helen
Maykel Verkuyten
Keywords: Romanies Civil rights Europe Eastern
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: Ashgate
Description: While the statement above is concerned predominately with the former Communist states of Europe, it also reflects the difficulties in accommodating this diverse diaspora of people within the new European order that prides itself on showing respect for human rights and democratic values in a secular, individualist paradigm. As a result of the entrenched social, economic and political exclusion, Anna Meijknecht describes the Roma as a people without a future.2 Prejudice is exhibited by the non-Roma (Gadjo3 ) citizens, media, government officials and law enforcers alike. The Roma activist, Rudko Kawczynski, makes reference to President Havel’s statement in these terms:
ISBN: 978-0-7546-0921-6
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