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Title: Mark Twain, Travel Books, and Tourism
Authors: Melton, Jeffrey Alan
Gary Scharnhorst
Keywords: Mark Twain
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: The University of Alabama Pres
Description: dote about an “elderly lady and her son” who, because of a series of mishaps, have traveled well beyond their original itinerary, getting further from home all the while. “Think of it,” he writes, “a projected excursion of ¤ve hundred miles gradually enlarged, without any elaborate degree of intention, to a possible twenty-four thousand” (58). This short sketch serves as an appropriate symbol for Twain’s touring and travel-writing endeavors. In embarking on his own travel-book career with The Innocents Abroad, Twain inadvertently stepped into a world of travel writing that would carry him around the globe for the next thirty years, a beloved wandering “innocent.” Furthermore, it would allow him to become an author of unparalleled success, all “without any elaborate degree of intention” —at least in the beginning. This extended “excursion” would prove fortunate for Twain and for millions of readers who have traveled with him.
ISBN: 0-8173-1160-2
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