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Title: Environmental Planning for Site Development
Authors: Anne R.Beer and Catherine Higgins
Keywords: Environmental planning
Issue Date: 2000
Publisher: E & FN Spon
Description: Environmental planning must form the basis for all site development decisions if the natural environment is to be conserved and people’s environmental needs met. The planning process that has been evolved to deal with this is termed site planning. This text is intended as an introduction to the basics of environmentally sustainable site planning. It indicates how a thorough understanding of a wide range of environmental factors is required to produce a site development plan. It has been devised for beginners in all the disciplines which include site planning as part of their vocational training. It is suitable for use by first and second year undergraduates following courses in town and regional planning, landscape architecture, architecture, civil engineering, environmental planning, building, land management, amenity horticulture and parks management. It should also be of use to postgraduates taking conversion courses in town and regional planning, landscape architecture, landscape management, recreation planning, and parks and leisure management, and to a lesser extent housing management or estate management. It can be used by students studying alone or as part of the back-up material for a supervised site planning project. The latter situation is preferable, as the student who works through the text using a real site as a case study will learn the basic principles of the site planning process more quickly. It can be used as a distance learning refresher course by those practising in the professions which are involved with the built environment.
ISBN: 0-203-63936-7
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