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Title: Masks of the Universe
Authors: Edward Harrison
Keywords: Nature of the Cosmos
Issue Date: 2003
Publisher: Cambridge
Description: “At first I thought this book would take me only a few months to write. After all, the basic idea was simple, and only a few words should suffice to make it clear and convincing. But soon this illusion was shattered. A few months grew into three years, and now I realize that thirty years would not suffice. But enough! Other work presses, and life is too short.” Here I am, not thirty years but almost two decades later writing the preface to the second edition and struggling again to make clear the “simple idea.” The idea rests on the distinction between Universe and universes. The Universe by definition is everything and includes us experiencing and thinking about it. The universes are the models of the Universe that we construct to explain our observations and experiences. Beneath the deceptive simplicity of this idea lies a little-explored realm of thought.
ISBN: 978-0-511-07772-2
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