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Title: The Nature of Design
Authors: David W. Orr
David Ehrenfeld and Gary Meffe
Keywords: Environmental Ethics
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Description: This book is not an argument to return to some mythic condition of ecological innocence. No such place ever existed. It begins, however, with an acknowledgment that we have important things to relearn about the arts of longevity—what is now called “sustainability”—from earlier cultures and other societies. Many of those cultures appear to us as quaintly archaic if not utterly incomprehensible. But in the larger sweep of time, our emphasis on economic growth, consumption, and individualism will be even less understandable to subsequent and, one hopes, wiser generations. Carrying out the Great Work of making an ecologically durable and decent society will require us to confront the deeper cultural roots of our problems and grow out of the faith that we can meet the challenge of sustainability without really changing much. The evidence, I think, shows that we will have to change a great deal and mostly in ways that we will come to regard as vastly better than what exists now and certainly better than what is in prospect
ISBN: 0-19-514855-X
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