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Title: Regions, Spatial Strategies and Sustainable Development
Authors: Graham Haughton David Counsell
Ron Martin
Keywords: Regional planning
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Routledge
Description: This book comes at a time of rapidly growing interest in English regionalscale governance, with central government in the United Kingdom having introduced far-reaching measures towards policy devolution, most notably with the creation of the Scottish Parliament and the Welsh Assembly. In England too, there have been substantial moves to increase policy devolution to the regional scale. Key features are the strengthening of the role of regional planning, the creation of Regional Development Agencies (RDAs) which are required to produce regional economic strategies, the development of Regional Sustainable Development Frameworks, and the emergence of regional chambers of key stakeholders, including local authorities, to provide a form of accountability mechanism for the rapidly expanding realm of regional strategic work. In 2002 the government announced its intention to create a process which could lead to formal elected regional governments (Cabinet Office and DTLR 2002), adding further strength to the devolution project in England
ISBN: 0–203–56124–4
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