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Title: Economic Growth
Authors: Alfonso Novales · Esther Fernández · Jesús Ruiz
Keywords: Economic development
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Springer
Description: The book combines detailed discussions on theoretical issues on deterministic and stochastic, exogenous and endogenous growth models, together with the com- putational methods needed to produce numerical solutions. A detailed description of the analytical and numerical approach to solving each of the different models covered in the book is provided, and the solution algorithms are implemented in EXCEL and MATLAB files. These files are provided to illustrate theoretical re- sults as well as to simulate the effects of economic policy interventions. Theoretical discussions covered in the book relate to issues such as the inefficiency of the com- petitive equilibrium, the Ricardian doctrine, dynamic Laffer curves, the welfare cost of inflation or the nominal indeterminacy of the price level and local indeterminacy in endogenous growth models, among many others. This integration of theoretical discussions at the analytical level, whenever possible, and numerical solution meth- ods that allow for addressing a variety of additional issues that could not possibly be discussed analytically, is a novel feature of this book.
ISBN: 978-3-540-68669-9
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