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Title: Iccrem 2015 Environment and the Sustainable Building
Authors: Wang, Yaowu
Keywords: The increasing industrialization and standardization of construction opens
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Manufactured in the United States of America
Description: [BS 5268], Structural use of timber, is based on permissible stress design, and this phrase appears in the title of Part 2. However, it does not include a description of the design principles equivalent to those in [EN 1990]. Grade stress values for properties of materials, most of which are given in tabular form in [BS 5268-2] itself, incorporate safety factors so that they represent the stress that the material is consid- ered able to bear over the life of a building with a reasonable level of safety. The grade stresses are considered for 50—60 years’ load duration. A series of modification factors are then applied to the mechanical properties, generally increasing the load-bearing capacity for shorter load durations. The permissible stress in service for a particular type and duration of load to the element is thus established, and verified against the stress applied by the design loads. These design loads are normally obtained from the parts of [BS 6399].
ISBN: 978-0-7844-7937-7
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