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Title: Timber Construction
Authors: Hugues, Theodor
Keywords: Construction
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Institut fur international
Description: Th e Arbeitsbeft Holzbau i s intende d a s a n ai d t o all thos e workin g i n th e fiel d o f con - struction. However, i t i s neithe r a con - structio n manual no r a n encyclopaedi a o f materials. I t aim s t o sho w th e relationshi p betwee n design, detail wor k an d th e buil t product. Wha t ha s emerge d i s a ver y hand y boo k whic h summarises, i n a user - friendl y manner, all th e material foun d i n office s an d enterprise s tha t deal s wit h buildin g wit h wood. T o avoi d th e selectio n presentin g her e fallin g pre y t o rapi d obsolescenc e and, abov e all. prematur e obsolescence, i t ha s bee n limite d t o basi c design s an d prove n materials.
ISBN: 3-7643-7032-7
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