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Title: From the Iron House Imprisonment in First Nations Writing
Authors: Rymhs, Deena
Keywords: Imprisonment in First Nations Writing
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: by Wilfrid Laurier University Press
Description: This book is, in part, the culmination of the energy and dedication of individuals other than myself. My sincere thanks go to Glenn Willmott for nurturing this project in its various stages. Laura Murray’s sharpness brought an intellectual deftness to this study. The two anonymous readers reviewing the manuscript contributed to the breadth and readability of this book; I am grateful to have had their critical engagement at the prepublication stage. Lisa Quinn and, indeed, all the people at Wilfrid Laurier University Press have been superlative at what they do. I cannot imagine a more positive relationship between author and press. I also wish to thank the Department of English at St. Francis Xavier University for taking a gamble on me that played no small part in the completion of this book.
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