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Title: Disaster Management in China in a Changing Era
Authors: Susan Rose-Ackerman, Pierre Landry, Frances Rosenbluth, and James Scott
Yi Kang
Keywords: Disaster Management
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: SpringerBriefs in Political Science
Description: This book is largely conceptual and ‘universalizing’ (Tilly 1984: 97, 108) rather than causal and variation seeking” (O’Brien and Li 2006, p. xiii), aiming to use the case of disaster management to inductively understand the logic of the Chinese government in managing openness in its governance. I do not expend much effort exploring the generalizability of such logic. For readers interested in testing the theory, they may find the proposal in Chap. 5 helpful for investigating how far my findings in this book can travel to different socio-political settings and policy domains
ISBN: 978-3-662-44516-7
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