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Title: Urbanization and Sustainability: Linking Urban Ecology, Environmental Justice and Global Environmental Change
Authors: G. Boone, Christopher
Christopher G. Boone Michail Fragkias
Keywords: Local Development
Issue Date: 2003
Publisher: Springer
Description: In the Anthropocene era, human activity has altered biophysical systems on a planetary scale, accelerating species extinctions, radically changing land cover, and contributing to rising global temperatures. Over the last half century, there has been growing recognition that the ability of earth’s ecosystems to support unbridled resource use is limited. Indeed, many biophysical processes on which we depend are presently overburdened, creating new uncertainties about the long-term viability of societies. The grand challenge for the coming decades will be to transform the ways we think about and act upon the relationship between people and the environment in order to transition toward a sustainable future. In this book, we focus on three themes that, when combined, contribute to sustainability scholarship and practice. The fi rst is global environmental change, understood not as unidirectional human degradation of the biophysical world, but as the integration of social and ecological dynamics on multiple spatial and temporal scales. Global environmental change is meaningful only when we incorporate the feedbacks, cascading effects, thresholds, lags, and interactions between societies and ecosystems.
ISBN: 978-94-007-5666-3
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