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Title: Religion, Economics, and Demography: The effects of religion on education, work, and the family
Authors: Evelyn L. Lehrer
John F. Ermisch.
Keywords: Livelihood
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Routledge
Description: This book is a gem that deserves wide attention from social and behavioral scientists, policymakers, and citizens – and indeed, anyone who is interested in understanding the role of religion in contemporary American society. Evelyn Lehrer is a superb scholar, who blends sound economic theory and reasoning, rigorous analyses of excellent data, and thoughtful, nuanced interpretation. Taken together, the essays in this volume build a compelling case for the important – yet often ignored – influence of religion on educational attainment and earnings, marriage and family life, and a host of population processes and outcomes. Lehrer has made a landmark contribution to the exciting literature that is emerging at the interface of religion and economics.
ISBN: 0-203-88905-3
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